Nina Brophey

Corporate Services, Grevillea Cottage

Garrawarra Centre

“We have 19 residents in the cottage, all with different dietary needs. Some have a full diet some are on a soft diet that is easy to chew, and then there’s a minced diet and a pureed diet. We try and make sure there is colour in each meal, because you eat with your eyes first.

I really enjoy it. We’re encouraged to have a lot of contact with the residents, so we’re part of their lives. This is their home and meals are very social. Residents often come to our servery window and chat while we’re preparing or serving the food or giving out the drinks. Everyday you can see the humorous side. We offered a gentleman who didn’t want his dinner a Sustagen drink, and he said no, he’s trying to give them up.  He told us he was going dry this month.  The interactions with our residents are the highlights of my day.”