Patrick Gould

Registered Nurse Case Manager

Maroubra Centre, Prince of Wales Mental Health Service

I work with a range of consumers in the Eastern Suburbs community who have a serious mental illness. I work towards helping them achieve their goals, whether it’s assisting with medications, securing a job, applying for training or any other personal goals.

The best help tip I can give if you have concerns about your mental health is to link in with your GP. They are a primary contact and can catch things early. They can give you specialist advice and make referrals.

I started the Welcome Packs project, which is tied in with Keith’s Closet at the Kiloh Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital. Every inpatient receives a welcome pack on their bed, like you would in a hotel, with slippers, gowns and nice toiletries. I’ve had a huge amount of donations from staff and community members. Rotary Randwick have just donated $2,500, which is a really nice thing, because it’s members of the local community who are coming in.”