Policies & Publications: Workplace Health and Safety

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Closed Circuit Television – management and operation of in SESLHD Facilities SESLHDPR/626
Confined Spaces Risk Management SESLHDPR/274
Contractor Safety Handbook SESLHDHB/021
Decommissioning a Workplace SESLHDPR/420
Emergency Management SESLHDPD/265
Evaluation of Health Safety and Wellbeing Performance SESLHDPR/395
First Aid Management SESLHDPR/210
Guide for issuing an “Inability to Treat Notice” to violent patients SESLHDGL/110
Hazardous Chemical Risk Management SESLHDPR/208
Health and Safety Consultation SESLHDPR/731
Health and Safety Representatives SESLHDPR/730
Health Monitoring - Occupational Health Exposures other than Infectious Diseases SESLHDPR/378
Health Records (Paper based) Disaster Management SESLHDPD/192
Health, Safety and Wellbeing - Incident Investigation SESLHDPR/322
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Risk Management SESLHDPR/212
Injury Management - Non-Work Related Injury or Illness Management SESLHDPR/564
Injury Management – Redeployment of Injured Employees under Workers Compensation SESLHDPR/279
Managing Notifiable Incidents and Regulator Interactions SESLHDPR/269
Motor Vehicle Policy SESLHDPD/285
Noise Risk Management SESLHDPR/394
Radiation Safety - Ionising Radiation SESLHDPD/296
Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) SESLHDPR/759
Return to Work Program SESLHDPR/276
Safe Handling and Management of Monoclonal Antibodies SESLHDPR/368
Safety Incident Report Management SESLHDPR/727
Searching Consumers and their Property SESLHDPR/597
Security Management within SESLHD Facilities SESLHDPR/639
Violence Prevention and Management SESLHDPR/341
Work Health and Safety - Asbestos Risk Management SESLHDPR/314
Work Health and Safety - Contractor Management Procedure SESLHDPR/333
Work Health and Safety - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) SESLHDPR/416
Work Health and Safety - Fatigue Prevention and Risk Management SESLHDPR/714
Work Health and Safety - Fire Safety Risk Management SESLHDPR/431
Work Health and Safety - Hazardous Manual Task Risk Management Procedure SESLHDPR/315
Work Health and Safety - Lift Entrapment Emergency Procedure SESLHDPR/715
Work Health and Safety - Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace SESLHDPR/268
Work Health and Safety - Safe Work Procedures Development Procedure SESLHDPR/342
Work Health and Safety - Statement of Commitment Procedure

Work Health and Safety - Transporting of Patients - Risk Management SESLHDPR/229
Working in Isolation Risk Management SESLHDPR/323
Workplace Inspections SESLHDPR/311