Policies & Publications: Nurse / Midwife Initiated Medicines Protocols

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Antacid (aluminium/magnesium based) for relief of dyspepsia / nausea in adults (for example, Gavison® & Gastrogel®) SESLHDPR/443
Artificial tears for ocular lubrication (POLY-TEARSTM or TEARS NATURALETM) SESLHDPR/448
Bisacodyl suppository for constipation in adults SESLHDPR/449
Chlorhexidine 0.1% irrigation for wound antisepsis SESLHDPR/450
Cinchocaine 5 mg/g & Hydrocortisone 5 mg/g for symptomatic relief of haemorrhoidal conditions in adults (Proctosedyl®) SESLHDPR/446
Docusate 50mg and Sennosides 8mg for constipation (Coloxyl with Senna®) SESLHDPR/452
Docusate for faecal softening / constipation (Coloxyl®) SESLHDPR/451
Glucagon for hypoglycaemia when oral intake is not possible SESLHDPR/480
Glycerin 10% cetomacrogol aqueous cream (Glycerin in Sorbolene Cream) for protection/relief of dry skin SESLHDPR/453
Glycerol (glycerin) suppository for constipation SESLHDPR/454
Glyceryl Trinitrate 400 microg Pumpspray (Nitrolingual®) For angina/chest pain SESLHDPR/606
Glyceryl trinitrate tablets for angina/chest pain in adults SESLHDPR/455
Heparinoid cream for bruising in adults SESLHDPR/456
Lactulose for constipation SESLHDPR/457
Lanolin as an emollient for dry skin SESLHDPR/458
Lignocaine 2% sterile gel for urethral lubrication and anaesthesia during catheterisation or cytsoscopy SESLHDPR/459
Macrogol oral powder for constipation SESLHDPR/460
Methyl salicylate cream for relief of muscle / joint pain (for example Metsal®/Deep Heat®) SESLHDPR/468
Nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation SESLHDPR/760
Nystatin for prophylaxis of Candida albicans infections of the oral cavity in adult oncology and haematology patients SESLHDPR/461
Olive oil for skin protection SESLHDPR/462
Oral glucose for mild hypoglycaemia (Glucodin® or Glutose 15®) - adults SESLHDPR/481
Paracetamol (oral) for mild to moderate pain or fever SESLHDPR/464
Paracetamol (rectal) for mild pain or fever and nil by mouth SESLHDPR/489
Paraffin eye ointment for ocular lubrication (POLYVISC) SESLHDPR/444
Peppermint Water for relief of flatulence or dyspepsia in adults SESLHDPR/445
Povidone iodine 10% solution for wound antisepsis SESLHDPR/467
Psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid for constipation SESLHDPR/447
Sodium bicarbonate 1% mouthwash for mouthcare SESLHDPR/469
Sodium chloride 0.9 % irrigation for cleansing of wounds SESLHDPR/472
Sodium chloride 0.9% intravenous (IV) flush SESLHDPR/470
Sodium citrotartrate granules for urinary symptom relief SESLHDPR/474
Sucrose 24%/25% for analgesia in newborn infants undergoing minor procedures SESLHDPR/475
Sunscreen for prevention of sunburn SESLHDPR/476
Topical dermal anaesthesia for blood taking, venous accessing and cannulation - Tetracaine (amethocaine) gel 4% (Angel®) OR Lidocaine 2.5% + prilocaine 2.5% cream (Emla® 5%) SESLHDPR/774
White soft paraffin for skin protection SESLHDPR/477
Zinc and castor oil cream for skin protection SESLHDPR/479
Zinc oxide-based products for haemorrhoids, anal pruritus, or fissure in adults (Anusol®/Hemocane®/Rectinol®) SESLHDPR/478