Policies & Publications: Records Management - Health

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Advance Care Planning

Alerts Management – Electronic Recording of Alerts in eMR and iPM SESLHDPR/582
Clinical Abbreviations

Clinical Documentation in Mental Health SESLHDGL/074
Clinical Forms – Creation and Revision SESLHDPR/335
Dictated and Transcribed Letters (Outsourced) SESLHDPR/742
Discharge Summary Completion Standards SESLHDPR/223
Documentation in the Health Care Record SESLHDPR/336
eMR - Copy and Pasting within Electronic Documentation SESLHDPR/605
Health Records (Paper based) Disaster Management SESLHDPD/192
Hybrid Health Care Record Procedure SESLHDPR/292
Inactivating Encounters or Documents in the eMR SESLHDPR/718
Management of Documentation Import Requests for the Electronic Medical Record (Manual and System Integrations) SESLHDPR/513
Managing Chart Access Audits in Electronic Health Records SESLHDPR/522
Managing Secure Organisation Access Within Cerner eMR SESLHDPR/510
Notification of Death of Non-inpatients from an External Source SESLHDPR/216
Patient Registration - Patient Administration System (PAS) SESLHDPR/490
Photography and Recording of Patients SESLHDPD/327
Release of Patient Health Information - Secure Organisations SESLHDPR/757
Release of Patient Health Information Related to an Insurance / Compensation Claim SESLHDPR/675
Responding electronically to subpoena requests - medical records and documents SESLHDPR/662
Storage and Retention of standardised testing protocols SESLHDPR/686
Student Documentation within Cerner eMR SESLHDPR/509
Translated Health Information SESLHDPD/325
Upload of Advance Care Planning Documents into the Patient Electronic Medical Record (eMR) SESLHDPR/643