Policies & Publications: Infection Control

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Antimicrobial Stewardship SESLHDPD/137
Aseptic Technique SESLHDPD/271
Bare Below the Elbows- Hand Hygiene SESLHDPR/343
CEC Infection Prevention and Control Practice Handbook
Chicken Pox and Shingles (Varicella Zoster) Herpes Zoster Procedure SESLHDPR/334
Cleaning blood and other body substance spills SESLHDPR/674
COVID-19 Precinct/ Ward Stepdown and Decontamination Procedure SESLHDPR/722
Gastro Pack for Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities
Gastroenteritis in an institution - Control Guideline for Public Health Units
Governance of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) or Elastomeric Respirators SESLHDPR/688
Ice for Human Consumption SESLHDPR/362
Infection Control: Cleaning (Shared) Patient Care Equipment Guideline SESLHDGL/029
Infection Control: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) – at risk surgical patients SESLHDPR/508
Infection Prevention and Control during construction, renovation or maintenance SESLHDPR/374
Management of Acute Viral Respiratory Illness (including influenza and COVID-19)

Mandatory reporting of peripheral intravenous cannula (PIVC) or / central venous access device (CVAD) infections in Incident Information Management System (IIMS) SESLHDPD/280 
NSW Ministry of Health Guideline GL 2019_012 - Surveillance & Response for Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacterales (CPE) in NSW Health Facilities
Outbreak Management and Contact Tracing

Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation (PIVC) Insertion, Care and Removal (Adults) SESLHDPR/577
Reducing Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infections through use of a Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infection Care Bundle Guideline

Respiratory Equipment – Cleaning and Decontamination SESLHDPR/738
Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) SESLHDPR/759
Scabies - Management of SESLHDPR/363
SESLHD workers and students unvaccinated for influenza must wear a mask while providing patient care in a high risk clinical area SESLHDPD/307
Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA and MRSA) decolonisation SESLHDPR/681
Sterilisation - Records Management SESLHDPR/514
Sterilisation - Release of Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/546
Sterilisation: Cleaning of Reprocessing Equipment and the Reprocessing Facility SESLHDPR/519
Sterilisation: Control of nonconforming Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) and Recall of RMD’s SESLHDPR/504
Sterilisation: Definitive Cleaning of Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment SESLHDPR/495
Sterilisation: Designation of Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) to a Product Family SESLHDPR/627
Sterilisation: Handling Transport and Storage of Sterile Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/525
Sterilisation: Inspection, Assembly, Packaging and Wrapping of Post Cleaned Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) SESLHDPR/306
Sterilisation: Loading and Unloading of Equipment used to Reprocess Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) SESLHDPR/518
Sterilisation: Purchasing of Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) and reprocessing equipment SESLHDPR/307
Sterilisation: Reprocessing Equipment – Preventative Maintenance SESLHDPR/503
Sterilisation: Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) on Loan SESLHDPR/249 Under Review
Sterilisation: Routine Monitoring of Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilising Processes SESLHDPR/548
Sterilisation: Staff Training and Competencies SESLHDPR/527
Sterilisation: Sterilisation Processes SESLHDPR/517
Sterilisation: Traceability of Reprocessed Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/526
Sterilisation: Validation of Sterilisers SESLHDPR/636
Sterilisation: Validation of Washer/Disinfectors SESLHDPR/524
Storage of sterile stock and non-sterile supply within a clinical area SESLHDPR/723
Table of Infectious Diseases, Modes of Transmission and Recommended Precautions for Staff and Patients to Prevent Transmission
Transport of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 disease SESLHDGL/086
Triggers for Escalation Following Detection of Infection Outbreaks or Clusters - NSW Health Guideline
Tuberculosis: Reducing the risk of TB transmission in health care settings SESLHDPR/502
Ultrasound Reprocessing: Definitive Reprocessing of Reusable Ultrasound Transducers Between Use SESLHDPR/706
Water Systems: Legionella Control in Hospitals SESLHDPR/344
Wound - Antiseptic Dressing SESLHDPR/750
Wound - Assessment and Management

Wound - Clinical Digital Photography SESLHDPR/285
Wound - Graduated Compression Therapy (GCT) in Venous Disease SESLHDPR/398 
Wound - Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) SESLHDPR/205
Wound - Management of Hypergranulation Tissue SESLHDPR/400
Wound - Managing Pain at Dressing Change SESLHDPR/437
Wound Debridement SESLHDPR/348