Priority Populations Research

Current research projects led and/or supported by the Priority Populations Unit include:

Extended caregiving arrangements in families from Chinese background

  • explores the needs of extended families from Chinese backgrounds when looking after an infant or young child
  • led by Multicultural Health Services (MHS), in partnership with Child Youth & Family Service (CYFS) and SEaRCH

Qualitative evaluation of the Chinese Get Healthy Service

  • explores stakeholder and participant perceptions of the Chinese Get Healthy Service program, including perceptions of the effectiveness of promotion, resources and program delivery
  • led by MHS, in partnership with Health Promotion Service and SEaRCH

Carers Information Needs and Technology preferences

  • explores the information needs and technology preferences of carers who are newer to the caring role (6 months to 3 years)
  • led by the Carers Program, in partnership with SEaRCH, Ministry of Health (MOH), Carers NSW and others

Aboriginal Carers research project

  • works with Aboriginal communities to explore the needs and strengths of Aboriginal carers
  • led by the Carers Program, in partnership with the Aboriginal Health Unit (AHU), SEaRCH, and community partners

Use of translation apps in clinical care

  • seeks to understand the extent of use of machine translation in healthcare settings, and who uses it; the potential risks and benefits; strategies to respond to the use
  • led by MHS in partnership with MoH; SEaRCH, Multicultural Health Communications Service, South West Sydney Local Health District, Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), and Western Sydney Local Health District

Cultural Biographies and Intersection with Cancer

  • examines what living with cancer means for individuals, communities and families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • this is an Australian Research Council funded project supported by MHS, in partnership with the University of NSW; Liverpool Hospital, Royal Hospital Brisbane and other partners

Sustained nurse home visiting for families from CALD backgrounds

  • explores the use of bilingual nurses and interpreters in the provision of sustained nurse home visiting to families from CALD backgrounds
  • supported by MHS, in partnership with Child, Youth & Family Services (CY&FS), SLHD, and Western Sydney University

Getting in early, getting it right: early childhood development in children from CALD backgrounds

  • compares models of enhancing child development surveillance in children from CALD families
  • supported by MHS in partnership with CY&FS and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

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