Role and Ways of Working

The Priority Populations Unit identifies and addresses health inequities experienced by vulnerable populations. We work with internal partners within South East Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD), including clinical services and health promotion programs, and external partners, including government agencies and non-government/community organisations.

Our role

  • building capacity of internal health services and programs to deliver equitable, inclusive health care
  • building capacity of external service partners and vulnerable communities to achieve better health outcomes
  • developing and supporting targeted models of care
  • addressing gaps in evidence through targeted research
  • advocacy to improve health services and systems

Our ways of working

  • using data and evidence to inform priority setting and planning
  • working in partnership to co-design and co-produce effective and sustainable strategies
  • using consultative and participatory mechanisms to enhance person centred health care
  • sharing our work to enhance capacity across the health and community sectors
  • monitoring and evaluating our work to ensure quality and effectiveness

Strategy development

In 2018-19, the Priority Populations Unit will be leading or supporting the devewlopment and implementation of following strategies:

  • SESLHD Homelessness Health Strategy 2018-2020
  • Intersectoral Homelessness Health Strategy 2018-2021, in partnership with City of Sydney, Sydney Local Health District; St Vincent’s Health Network, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and Family and Community Services
  • SESLHD Women's Health Strategy 2018-2020
  • SESLHD Carers Strategy 2018-2021
  • SESLHD Youth Health Strategy 2018-2024

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