Ron Leadbitter and Tony Miskell

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The Garrawarra Centre

“We help each other out with all the maintenance issues on site. One of the projects we’re most proud of is building the new chicken coop. The old one was falling down and there wasn’t much cover for the chickens. Our GM at the time suggested we build a new one, so we got some proper material and fixed it up. It’s fantastic. The chickens have just started laying again, as we added some nice laying boxes in there.

One time, one of the residents sacked me. I was just walking through the courtyard and he was yelling at me and sacked me. But we’ve had some good experiences with the residents too. I said to one old bloke; “We’ll go up to the pub and have a schooner hey?” and he said “yeah, yeah” then I joked “It’s your shout” to which he replied “I shouted first last time”. Those interactions brighten the day for everyone.”