Adele Tumminello

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Acting Manager, Program Management Office

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

“I work on the strategic priorities for the district. A lot of what we’re focussed on at the moment, fortunately or unfortunately, is financial efficiency. It’s not very glamorous, but it needs to be done.  In healthcare, you’re there for big moments in people’s lives. I feel my role is to help the clinical staff do their job, to make sure they have what they need, to do what they need to do.

I work with clinical areas and I really like that operational side. I’m really lucky, on occasions, I get to scrub up and go into the operating suites. In one case, I sat in the corner for a morning theatre session of tonsils and adenoids removal. I wanted to see how the system was helping or hindering staff. It’s all about talking with the people on the front line and understanding what their challenges are. If I can help alleviate some of those challenges, then I’m all for it.”