Rebel Traynor

Nurse Manager, Patient Flow

St George Hospital

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“I work with a great team of people to facilitate and coordinate patient flow within St George Hospital. I’m a Registered Nurse and have nearly completed a Masters in Health Service Management.” There are many patient entry points, such as the emergency department, theatres, clinics and direct admissions. We have to prioritise, manage and facilitate the flow to ensure that the right patients are receiving the right care in a timely fashion. I try to make a difference to patient care, through contributing to the patient’s journey in a positive way.

If we need a single room I always talk openly to the current patient and tell them exactly what is going on. The other patient might have an infection that we don’t want spreading or they may need special care or facilities.  Being open and honest is the key really.

My colleagues inspire me to come to work every day. There are people here that just blow my mind with their knowledge and capabilities. This is my dream job and I’m very happy.”