Planning, Population Health and Equity

The Directorate is one of the main providers of planning, population health programs and services in the region, employing approximately 200 staff. These services and programs are designed to help people stay healthy and reduce disparities in health outcomes. The Directorate’s work is focused on engaging and co-producing with the most disadvantaged and priority population groups in the community and collaborating with other service providers and stakeholders to achieve these goals.

The Directorate’s efforts are built around six key domains which include:

  • Protecting and promoting community health and wellbeing across the life course with a focus on disadvantaged populations and lower socio-economic localities;
  • Forging partnerships and inter-sectoral action between population health and primary health care and hospitals, other government and non-government agencies, universities, private industry and the local community to deliver improved health outcomes; and giving priority to populations most at risk of ill health.
  • Systematic surveillance and analysis of population health data and epidemiology, clinical data and other sources of population health information from other agencies, and undertaking community needs assessments and asset mapping to determine community needs, resources and strengths within local neighbourhoods and localities.
  • Improving systems of care through strengthening the role of prevention within the health care system.
  • Employing multi-strategic and integrated approaches to maximise health outcomes for the local community.
  • Guiding, managing and evaluating the development of district-wide strategies and plans that aim to lead to sustainable improvements in health outcomes for the community as well as individuals who require access to specialist care in our hospitals.