Sharlene Thurecht

Physiotherapist, Orthopaedics and Trauma

St George Hospital

“I was always interested in anatomy and the human body.  In year 10 I signed up to do work experience as a physio and I loved it from that point.  There’s not a day when I hate coming to work.   

A health tip for my patients is to get moving. Sometimes it’s about getting your head around what needs to be done, to get you to where you want to go. We know that sitting around in hospital is the cause of a lot of other problems, so we’re there to show you the right way to do things.

I was with an older lady who unfortunately had broken her leg and had a very long healing process. When I got the go-ahead to get her up and going, she did so well that I took her out of her room. It was like she was on a red carpet.  She walked out, she was so proud and everyone was standing up clapping. I was a bit teary. She said ‘This is great, geez I wish my hair was nicer. I haven’t had my hair done for ages’.  So I booked in the volunteer that comes to do hair. She thought she was a Hollywood actress.  It was beautiful. Sometimes it’s those simple things that mean a lot to people.”