Simmi Grover

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Clinical Nurse Consultant 

Garrawarra Centre 

“My main role is organising  admissions for Garrawarra.  I am also responsible for organising Geriatrician reviews and Case Conferences across the four cottages.  I am also involved in day to day clinical care, behaviour management and the End of Life care.

Every resident at Garrawarra has an Advance Care Plan, which we can follow in an emergency or when they deteriorate. It’s a good tool to use when talking to the family members. I would not say it’s very difficult to talk with families, but we have to be consistent. We have to talk regularly, so that staff and family members are all comfortable and there is an element of trust. It’s not easy to talk about death and dying, but in Aged Care, if we want good outcomes for the residents, we have to approach the subject and be confident in our discussions.

The aim is to make sure the resident gets the End of Life care that they deserve. The residents have the right to die with dignity in their home, and this is their home.”