Heart Support Service


The Heart Support Service is a community-based nurse specialist team that coordinates with your GP and Cardiologist to support and manage your heart condition at home.


Who is eligible?

People who have a diagnosis of heart failure.


Heart Failure Action Plan:

Heart Failure Action Plan

Contact Details

Heart Support Service:

  • Monday - Friday (07:30 - 16:00)
  • Phone: 9113-3042
  • Fax: 9113-1826

Heart Failure Clinic:

Clinic times: 
Clinic appointments are available on Tuesday morning (09:00 - 12:00). 
Phone: 9113-3172
Fax: 9113-1826

Your local doctor (GP) needs to fax a referral letter to Cardiology Department. Our receptionist will contact you to arrange an appointment.

The Heart Failure Clinic is located in the Cardiology Department, Level 1, Clinical Services Building, St George Hospital.
Enter via Kensington St.