Our Performance

At The Sutherland Hospital we want to provide safe, high quality health care. We use data to understand how we are performing against other Hospitals. We also ask our patients about their experience in our Hospital. We use this information to strengthen what is working well and improve on what is not working well.

The Sutherland Hospital regularly looks at quality and safety data to see how we are doing against other Hospitals. Our measures include:

Our Current Risks 

The Sutherland hospital monitors all risks using the Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS). All staff at TSH are trained in the recognition, identification and mitigation of risks. Enterprise Risks are regularly discussed at peak level meetings. 

Quality Audits 

Our hospital regularly undertakes audits on various areas to ensure we are providing high quality safety and care. Conducting audits allows us to celebrate areas which we are doing well and identify areas we need to improve. 

Pressure Injuries 

Anyone who needs to be in a bed or chair for a long time is at risk of developing of pressure injury. They are most common on bony parts of the body like the hip, tail bone, or heel. Hospitals use a variety of different ways to prevent and treat pressure injuries.

Hand Hygiene 

Hand hygiene is the best way to stop germs spreading from one patient to another. Our staff should clean their hands before and after they care for each patient. We do regular hand hygiene audits. This means we monitor how often and how well our staff clean their hands.  

Falls with harm 

Hospitals are unfamiliar places and patients may be weak, dizzy, or less steady than they expect. A fall in hospital can delay a patient’s recovery. In older people, it can contribute to a loss of independence. Hospitals use a variety of ways to help reduce the risk of a fall occurring.


During your hospital stay, you may be prescribed medication to help manage your condition. Sometimes errors can occur and this can cause harm to the patient. We report and investigate these cases to help prevent future errors.

BHI Data Report 

Sutherland Hospital monitors data provided from the Beureu of Health Information to assist us to compare our performance with peer group hospitals and consistently strive to provide excellent care. 


Sutherland Hospital BHI Data


At The Sutherland Hospital, we take consumer feedback very seriously. Consumers are encouraged to provide feedback about their hospital experience. 

Consumers can provide feedback several ways:

If you have any compliments or complaints, please contact:

via email: SESLHD-TSH-Consumerfeedback@health.nsw.gov.au

Or via phone: 9540 8523

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