TSH Major Fundraiser

Oncology Day Clinic

Our major fundraising project is to raise funds for the expansion of our Oncology Day Clinic and the creation of a dedicated Research and Education Centre.

The Sutherland Hospital Oncology Day Clinic currently consists of 9 chairs and 2 beds, where lifesaving cancer treatments are delivered.

Our vision is to create an oncology space where the environment meets the clinical, psychological, spiritual and physical needs of residents of the Sutherland Shire.

Equally important though, is the need for our staff to be able to learn, teach and spearhead research that enables us to be the future leaders of quality healthcare.

COVID-19 has shown us more than ever that education and research is essential in a fast-changing health care environment.

We believe that with the help of the community, we can create a purpose-built Research and Education facility, while at the same time expand our Oncology Day Clinic.

This will benefit patients, families and staff as we move into the future.

In 1946 the Sutherland Shire community campaigned to build Sutherland Hospital and we are excited about fostering this community spirit and support for many years to come.

Our commitment to you, our community, is to ensure we dedicate all funds raised for this purpose.