TCC-COVID Privacy Policy

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District: September 6th, 2021

The TCC-COVID app (“the app”) is designed to monitor your heart rate, oxygen saturations and responses to a symptom questionnaire. Information from the app will be used by a medical team to monitor your health and identify patients that may require hospital admission.

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (“SESLHD”) (ABN: 70 442 041 439) manages information obtained through the app in accordance with privacy laws in force in New South Wales and Australian privacy laws where applicable. SESLHD also complies with relevant NSW Ministry of Health policies. Additional privacy information can be found here Where permitted by law, SESLHD may disclose information to a third party if the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to your life or health of you or another person.

Information from the app will only be used and disclosed by SESLHD for your healthcare. This includes sharing information with the team based at the Prince of Wales Hospital, your nominated healthcare providers and health professionals involved in your care and other directly related purposes. Information may be gathered automatically by the app, by your manual input or through a connected device such as a medical oximeter. The TCC-COVID app also receives push notifications from the central server. These notifications are designed to keep you informed and educated about the COVID-19 infection to safeguard your health. The app does not capture or use any location data.

Information from the app is securely encrypted when it is sent and stored. The information is stored within Australian sovereignty and in accordance with NSW Ministry of Health privacy and security standards. SESLHD may collect, use and disclose de-identified app diagnostic information such as app usage patterns and crash reports. This allows the IT team to understand app use and improve the app in the future. Information collected through the app which is no longer required by SESLHD will be destroyed in accordance with applicable laws.

You have a right to apply for and request amendment of your information. Privacy enquiries should be directed to:

The Privacy Contact Officer, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District