Electronic Referrals

Electronic Referrals (eReferrals) were piloted at Prince of Wales Hospital Outpatients Department in November 2023 as part of the Engage Outpatients program.  

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) is now partnering with eHealth, the Ministry of Health and Specialty Health Networks (SHN’s) to expand electronic referrals to other outpatient services across SESLHD. 

There are two solutions in the Engage Outpatients program: 

  • electronic Referral Management System (eRMS). This is a hospital-based system for receiving and managing referrals. 

  • eReferrals. These are electronic SmartForms that can be sent directly to the eRMS from referrer practice systems or MyHealthLink Portal. An eReferral is an electronic document that can be sent securely, replacing other methods such as faxing or posting paper referrals. 

The above solutions enable referrals to be sent, received and managed electronically. Referrers and patients will also receive notification of referral outcomes.

The preferred referral method for these services is electronic referral.  

Prince of Wales Hospital Centralised Outpatients  

Aged Care Infectious Diseases
Cardiology Neurosurgery
Cognitive Disorders Neurovascular
Dermatology Orthopaedics,
Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Pain Medicine
Endocrinology Palliative and Supportive Care
Fracture Plastics
Gastroenterology Prescription and Opioid Management
General Surgery Rheumatology

Prince of Wales Hospital  

Community Palliative Care Team Physiotherapy
Diabetes Centre Respiratory.
General Rehabilitation Spinal medicine
Nutrition and Dietetics  


The Sutherland Hospital Centralised Outpatients  

Diabetes Infectious Diseases
Dermatology Neurology
Endocrinology, Rehabilitation
Gynaecology Respiratory

Royal Hospital for Women  

Antenatal Gynae Oncology- Colposcopy
Fertility Menopause Hub

There are multiple benefits associated with using eReferrals. Referrers can have confidence their referral is sent securely and quickly. They will receive confirmation the referral has been received, and feedback as the referral is processed by the outpatient service. Key benefits are listed below.

  • Integrated with HealthLink practice software (i.e. Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie)
    • Multiple fields will be pre-populated with patient information
    • Clinical information from your practice software can be easily attached to the eReferral
    • Referrals sent securely
    • Completed eReferrals are saved against the patient record in your practice software
  • Notify patients and referrers of referral progress
    • Notification to referrers will only occur when an eReferral is used. Referrers receive notification of referral receipt, acceptance and triage category
    • Notification occurs via secure messaging function
  • Improved visibility of services
    • Referrers able to select from a list of outpatient services and clinicians
  •  Faster processing and triage of referrals
    • Referrals maintained in one electronic system, increasing efficiency of referral management
    •  Improved clinical information will enhance the triage and care of your patient

There are benefits associated with using the electronic Referral Management System (eRMS) for Outpatient services. Referrals can be received and managed electronically, improving efficiency of referral management, enhancing communication with patients and referrers, and increasing the quality of referral information through use of eReferrals. Key benefits are listed below. 

  • Save time on paperwork
  • Faxes digitised into PDF 
  • All referral information in one electronic system 
  • Reduced manual data entry. Referral fields in the eRMS are auto-populated when eReferrals are used 
  • Improve quality of referral information 
  • Fewer incomplete referrals due to mandatory fields on eReferrals 
  • Ability to place referral on hold and secure message referrer to request missing or additional information 
  • Notify patients and referrers of referral progress 
  • Patients receive notification of referral acceptance and triage category when SMS or email is set as their preferred method of contact 
  •  Reduce lost, misdirected and duplicate referrals 
  • Potential duplicate referrals flagged and managed electronically 
  • Ability to redirect or reassign referral to a different service 
  • Faster processing and triage of referrals 
  • Referral management and triage can occur anywhere, any time (access via URL/ Stafflink) 
  • Improve resource management and outpatient service planning 

eHealth are partnering with HealthLink to develop an eReferral solution. 

These Smartforms will integrate with GP practice systems to streamline the completion and submission of electronic referrals. There is no charge for use of eReferrals. 

SmartForms can be launched directly from practice management software. 

HealthLink eReferrals are integrated with multiple software programs, including Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie, Medtech Evolution, Shexie Platinum and Zedmed. 

Referrers who do not have access to these systems can access SmartForms via the HealthLink Portal. A HealthLink account is required. 

User Guides for accessing and completing eReferrals

Best Practice: https://vimeo.com/clanwilliamhealth/healthlink-smartforms-bestpractice


Medical Directorhttps://vimeo.com/clanwilliamhealth/healthlink-smartforms-medicaldirector

Medical Director




MyHealthLink Portal: https://vimeo.com/clanwilliamhealth/healthlink-smartforms-myhealthlink


HealthLink Portal: MyHealthLink Portal - HealthLink