Outpatients Department

How we can help you

The Adult Outpatient Department provides outpatient appointments with doctors, nurses and allied health professionals from a range of surgical and medical specialties. Most outpatient appointments are managed through this Department but some specialties manage their own appointments and have different locations in our Hospital. 

We provide outpatient clinics across a range of surgical and medical specialties, including: 

Our nurses look after any wound dressings, check your blood pressure, measure your height and weight, and provide education. You may also need to see an allied health professional such as a physiotherapist.

Our team includes:

  • Nursing staff who help look after wounds, check your blood pressure, measure your height and weight, and provide education. Clinical Nurse Consultants may also be at your appointment.
  • Administration staff who will help you organise your appointments, inform you about what will happen and answer any questions you may have.
  • Doctors who will assess, treat and help you manage your medical condition.
  • Physiotherapists who help treat injuries and work with you to develop an exercise plan.
  • Dietitians provide information and advice about nutrition and what to eat to help improve your health.

You will need a referral letter from your local general practitioner (GP) or specialty doctor to use this service. Please ask them to write you a referral letter explaining your medical history, relevant test results, X-ray results and what medicines you are taking.

We will then send you a letter in the post with the details of your appointment date, time and location. If an appointment cannot be made we will send you a letter confirming that you are on the outpatient waiting list for the next available appointment. Please let us know if your address and/or phone number changes.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please telephone 02 9382 0400.

Can I chose the day and time I attend the department for my appointment?

We have doctor clinics, allied health clinics and nursing clinics at set times. We try to find an appointment time that allows you to attend.

Will I always see the same doctor at each visit?

The Prince of Wales Hospital is a teaching hospital so you will be seen by a specialist doctor or a specialist doctor in training. You will stay under the care of the specialist doctor but you may see the doctor in training for your appointments.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Current Medicare card or Veteran Affairs card
  • Any Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.
  • Insurer details (eg workers compensation, public liability or third party).
  • Your Private Health Fund Membership card if you are currently insured with a private health fund.
  • Recent X-rays or medical images and their reports, if applicable.
  • Activities to keep you entertained while waiting (for example, a book, music player with headphones, crosswords). There is also a television and magazines available in the waiting area.
  • If you have any particular medical needs we suggest you come prepared (for example, bring your medicines, if you are diabetic please bring food). 
  • To avoid missing your appointment we suggest you collect refreshments from the cafes located in the foyer of the hospital before checking in. If you need to leave the waiting area for any reason please inform staff at the reception desk. 

Who can I bring with me to my appointment?

There is limited seating so please bring along only one support person (for example, a family member, friend, or carer) with you.

Can I eat and take my medicines before my appointment?

You can eat and take medicines as normal unless the doctor has told you to stop taking medicines or not to eat. It is a good idea to bring any medicines you may need to take during the time you are at your appointment.

Waiting times for an appointment are different for each speciality and depends on the seriousness of your medical condition. The department is busy and there may be delays when you arrive for your appointment. Most people are seen within 1 to 3 hours. We ask that you arrive at your allocated appointment time to prevent having to wait longer.

Appointment Reminders

If we have your mobile phone number in our system you will receive a text message reminding you of your appointment date and time 3 days before your appointment.

You can register with the Telstra HealthNOW app to receive appointment details and reminders to your smart phone device.

Our Outpatient Deparrtment has a new mobile phone application called HealthNow. 

HealthNow allows us to send you mobile text messages about your outpatient appointments. HealthNow provides you with:

  • Instant notification about appointment bookings
  • Calendar reminders about appointments
  • Google maps to help you get to the appointment safely
  • Internal hospital maps to help you find the clinic

You may receive a text message from us asking you to download and register with HealthNow, a copy of the message is shown below.  This is not spam and it is safe to use. We will also send you postal letters and text messages about your appointment.

HealthNow text message

Please let us know if you need an interpreter. You can contact us telephoning the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. Tell the operator what language you speak, and then ask the interpreter to set up a telephone conversation between you, an interpreter, and us on 9382 0400.

We are a teaching hospital and you may be asked to be involved in research or for a student to be present at your appointment. You have a right to say no. If you do so, this will no impact in any way on the services we will provide.