Kidney Services Research

What types of research do we do?

Our nephrologists (specialist kidney doctors) are leading more than 20 research studies to improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease.

We work with researchers nationally and internationally.

Patients who participate in research projects actually do better compared to those who don’t, even if on placebo! There are opportunities for staff, students, and patients to be involved in our research.

Our current research focusses on:

  • all types of kidney disease, including AKI, CKD and glomerulonephritis
  • high blood pressure
  • dialysis
  • kidney transplants

Prof Endre and Dr Erlich lead the Australian Kidney Biomarker Research Laboratory which specialises in analysing biomarkers of kidney disease for studies in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

You can participate in any projects that you are eligible for.

You do not have to participate if you don’t want to. It will not affect the care you receive.

You can speak to your specialist about your interest, or you can contact our study coordinators on 9382 4473.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Area of Interest for all our staff specialists.

This program includes cohort studies, registry studies and some clinical trials including the POWH based Kidney Disease Registry and Biobank.


Area of interest for Dr Kang and A/Prof Kotwal. This program currently involves quality improvement projects and participation in investigator initiated clinical trials to improve patient outcomes.

High Blood Pressure

Area of interest for Dr Kang, A/Prof Kotwal and Prof Endre. This includes the resistant hypertension clinic. Currently this includes a multi-national study and other quality improvement projects.


Area of interest for Dr Keung, Dr Yong, Dr Fernando and Dr Luxton. 

Acute Kidney Injury

Area of interest for Prof Endre, Dr Erlich, A/Prof Kotwal and Dr Kang. This program including supervision of the AKI Fellow and leadership of the AKI follow up clinic. This is our largest program and we have had several successful outputs including the Australia first eAlerts program. This program showed that early identification of acute kidney injury reduces hospital length of stay.

This program encompasses translational research, clinical research and implementation research.


Area of interest for Dr Luxton and Dr Yong. This program encompasses participation in several trials of novel therapeutic agents to treat glomerular disease and registries of glomerular diseases.

For examples of the teams publications see the webpage on our Nephrology Team

If you are interested in participating in our research projects, please phone:

Ms Sophie Nga Chi Cheng

Phone: 9382 4444

Jong (Hannah) Kim

Phone: 9382 4473