Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Department and Chest Clinic

How we can help you

We diagnose and support people with respiratory and sleep problems.

Respiratory and Sleep Consultants or doctors in training who assess, treat and help you to manage your respiratory and/or sleep problems.

A team of nurses who specialise in tuberculosis education and screening. 

Lung function laboratory staff, hospital scientists that perform lung function tests and other diagnostic tests.

Sleep technicians book and supervise sleep studies, provide education sessions on operating your breathing machine, download data, perform mask fittings and can help you if you have problems with your machine.

Health education officer offers counselling for smoking cessation, asthma education and also manages our clinical research trials.

Administration staff will help you make appointments, inform you about what will happen at the Respiratory and Sleep Department and help to answer any questions you may have about your appointment.

We work in partnership with your local family doctor (GP) and Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs.

To attend one of our medical or lung function clinics you will need a referral from your local general practitioner (GP) explaining your medical history, list of any medicines you are taking and any relevant test results.

A specialist referral is required for our Bronchoscopy Service and Sleep Clinic.

No referral is required for the nurses tuberculosis screening clinic.                                                               

  • Our medical clinics and lung function clinics are covered by Medicare.
  • There is no charge for Dr Goldberg’s weekly TB clinic.
  • Tuberculosis screening for health care workers and students carries a fee of $75.00 payable at our cashier’s office.           

Yes, we are always looking for patients who would be happy to participate in clinical trials. These often asses the effectiveness of new medication for asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To find out more please contact us.