Food and other services near our Hospital

There are five cafés on the Randwick Health Campus.

At the Botany Street entrance (Level B1) of the Acute Services Building there is Tsubu Sushi, offering Japanese lunch boxes and sushi rolls.

The Plume Café is on level 0 of the Acute Services Building, opposite the admissions desk. 

The Barker St Café and Windscreens Café are at the Barker Street entrance.

The Star Café is in Sydney Children’s Hospital near the High Street entrance, and the Prince of Wales Private Hospital has a café on level 7.

These cafés sell hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, salads and a range of hot meals.

There is usually at least one café open from 7.00am to 7.00pm each day of the week, but the times do change so please check with enquiry desk staff on 02 9382 2291.

There are 24 hour vending machines for snacks and cold drinks throughout the hospital. You will need cash to use these machines.

On Level 0 in the Barker Street entrance you will also find a florist, a gift shop and retail pharmacy. This pharmacy is called the Hospital Foyer Pharmacy and can be contacted on 9382 8800. 

Automatic Teller Machine (ATMs) can be found on Level 0 near the Barker Street entrance, and on Level 2 near the High Street entrance.

There is a multi-faith chapel for you and your family to use. It is located on Level 0 of the Campus Centre near the Barker St entrance.

We have free WiFi available for patients, family and visitors to connect to the internet with their smartphone, tablet, laptop or WiFi enabled device.

Follow these steps to connect with our WiFi:

  1. Open your device, go to WiFi settings and choose the following network: NSW_Health_Guest_WiFi_SESLHD
  2. The WiFi welcome page should display. If not, open your browser and go to:
  3. The page will ask you about which hospital you are visiting. Select Prince of Wales Hospital & Community Health Services.
  4. Select: Create a new account.
  5. Select: Free Service.
  6. Complete the registration form. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Select: Continue. You will now be connected to the Internet.

For any connection issues, please contact Hills Health Customer Support on 1300 552 442.

Barmbli Place at the High St entrance of Prince of Wales Hospital on Level 2. Aboriginal families and carers can use this room to have a cuppa, yarn or just sit while a family member is in hospital. 

The hospital does not have any laundry facilities.

There are many shops and services close to the hospital including supermarkets, pharmacists, greengrocers, post offices, cafés, newsagent, a range of retail shops and a cinema. For more information go to:

Randwick Shopping Precinct

The Spot

Smoking is only permitted in two designated smoking areas, one near the Barker St entrance and the second is on Princess Avenue. All patients, carers, visitors and staff are expected to only smoke in these areas. If you cannot get to one of these areas please speak with your doctor to organise nicotine replacement therapy, counselling or other support services while you are in hospital.