Emergency Department Costs

How much does it cost to visit the emergency department?

If you are an Australian citizen and have your Medicare card with you, your care in the emergency department will be free.

If you do not have a Medicare card or are not eligible for Medicare you will be charged for the services provided. Please speak to the clerical staff in EB who will be able to provide you with further information.

Some countries have a reciprocal arrangement for health care with Australia. For citizens of these countries Emergency Department treatment is free. These include Finland, Republic of Ireland, Italy (for the first six months), Malta (for the first six months), New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland).

You will need your passport to establish your citizenship and entitlement.

If you are not a citizen from one of these countries you will need to pay for any consultations, tests and treatment.

The clerical staff will explain payment options.

All travellers to Australia are advised to get travellers insurance to cover medical costs to ensure you are not out of pocket in case of an emergency.

The hospital will charge you for the hire and use of some equipment, such as crutches and special medical devices, if necessary.