Information for Health Professionals on our Neurology Clinics

How to make a referral for your patient

All referrals to our clinics must be made to the specialist:

  • Prof Zagami: fax 9382 4265
  • Prof Colebatch: fax 9382 3463
  • TIA/Stroke Prevention Clinic and Multiple Sclerosis clinics: fax 9382 2428
  • Nerve and Muscle Clinic: fax 9382 4265
  • Epilepsy and First Seizure Clinics: fax 9382 3899
  • General Neurology Clinics should be sent to the Adult Outpatient Department.

All neurophysiology clinic referrals should be faxed to 9382 2860 or sent by email to We need to know exactly what test is required to make a booking, please use this referral form

All our clinics require a referral and must be addressed to the appropriate doctor.


Clinic Name

What it does

Time and Date




Nerve and Muscle Clinic

Disease of peripheral nervous system


9382 2422

9382 4265

Prof Arun Krishnan, Dr Justine Wang

Epilepsy clinic

Comprehensive management of epilepsy patients

Twice weekly

9382 3805

9382 3899

Prof Ernest Somerville, Dr Hanka Laue-Gizzi, Dr Christian Zentner, Epilepsy Fellows

First seizure clinic

First seizure management


9382 3805

9382 3899

Prof Ernest Somerville, Dr Hanka Laue-Gizzi, Dr Christian Zentner, Epilepsy Fellows

Neurophysiology clinic

EEG, EMG, EP, Vestibular testing


9382 2211

9382 2860

Profs James Colebatch, Arun Krishnan, Dr William Huynh

Multiple sclerosis clinic

Inflammatory CNS disorders


9382 2414

9382 2428

Prof Arun Krishnan

Stroke and TIA Prevention Clinic

Stroke and TIA prevention and review


9382 2414

9382 2428

Professor Kenneth Butcher

Stroke Follow Up Clinic

Stroke review and management Weekly 9382 2414 9382 2428 Alanah Bailey, Nurse Practitioner

General neurology clinic

General neurological problems

Three times a week

9382 2407,

9382 2422,

9382 2414

9382 3463,

9382 4265,

9382 2428

Professor James Colebatch,

Associate Professor Alessandro Zagami,

Professor Arun Krishnan

Private clinics

General neurological problems

Three times a week

9382 2407 

9382 2422

9382 3463

9382 4265

Profs James Colebatch,

Associate Professor Alessandro Zagami

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Private clinics may charged at the schedule fee. 

Other clinics accept Bulk Bill payments for eligible patients.

We may refer patients for relevant blood tests or medical imaging as part of the clinical assessment.