Youth Cancer Services - Information for Health Professionals

Specialist medical, psychological and social care is provided for AYAs with cancer to assist them in a holistic way to manage their disease and the impact of treatment.  Our services include:

  • Primary medical consultation and medical management
  • Consultations on diagnosis and treatment options
  • Access to clinical trials and other studies
  • Care coordination by staff with expertise in AYA youth cancer including shared care support with other hospitals or community-based services
  • Comprehensive assessment of psychosocial needs with treatment and support provided throughout the cancer journey
  • Information, direct support and referral to a range of agencies for help with finances, education, work, accommodation, and a range of other issues affecting AYAs in their personal life, family and relationships; and any emotional distress
  • Information about fertility and access to fertility preservation
  • Follow up information, support and consultation after treatment or surgery
  • Support with any ongoing effects from your cancer treatment or experience

Referring new patients to our services is quick and easy, simply email or fax a referral letter using one of the following methods:

Please attach any relevant documents including, patient history or test results. Upon receipt of the referral our team will ensure that the patient information is triaged, the patient is contacted for an appointment