Diabetes Centre

How we can help you

The Diabetes Centre provides medical management and education to our Hospital patients and people living in the community who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Centre has a set of guidelines you must meet to attend our medical clinics and services as we cannot see all people with diabetes.

We work with your local general practitioner (GP), other health care professionals and your family or carer to identify your needs and how well you are managing your diabetes. We can provide advice about life-style changes, medicines (including insulin) and support you in learning to live with diabetes.

We will also make appointments with others from our health team (e.g. doctor, dietitian, podiatrist) to prevent or manage complications. We can help you arrange any equipment you might need such as blood glucose testing equipment, insulin devices and supplies, and teach you how to use these.

We care for people who have a diagnosis of Type 1 & 2 diabetes, diabetes caused by disorders of pancreas, steroid induced diabetes and diabetes caused by other conditions such as cystic fibrosis.

Our team includes

Endocrinologists or specialist endocrinology doctors in training:  Medical specialists who assess, treat and help you manage your diabetes.

Podiatrist:  A health professional who treats and manages foot problems caused by having diabetes.  The podiatrist at our centre can only see people with diabetes who have complex foot conditions.  You will need a referral from your medical specialist or family doctor.

Dietitian:  A health professional who provides you with food (nutritional) advice and prescribes a diet to help you to self-manage your diabetes, and provides information about diabetes for you and your family or carer.

Diabetes Nurse Educator: A registered nurse who specialises in looking after people with diabetes.  A diabetes nurse educator will help you learn about your diabetes, help you to self-manage your diabetes, provide information about diabetes and help support you and your family or carer.

Administration staff will help you make appointments, inform you about what will happen at the diabetes centre and answer any questions you may have about what happens at the diabetes centre.

We work in partnership with your local family doctor (GP), local pharmacies, and the National Diabetes Service Scheme.

We provide clinics for people in the community to come and meet with a specialist doctor or doctor in training to assess and help manage your diabetes. The Diabetes Centre has a set of guidelines you must meet to attend our medical clinics and services as we cannot see all people with diabetes.

You will also see a nurse who will measure your weight, height and blood sugar (glucose) levels.

At some clinics you may also see an optometrist who will conduct a diabetes eye check

Medical Clinic times

Monday          8.45am - 11.30am

Tuesday         8.45am - 11.30am

Wednesday    9.00am - 11.30am

Thursday        2.00pm - 4.00pm (Type 1 diabetes only)

Friday             8.30am - 11.30am

High risk foot clinic

You may be referred to this clinic if you have a complex diabetes foot problem such as an ulcer that is not getting better, a foot problem that keeps coming back or a foot problem known as Charcot’s neuropathy.  In this clinic you will be seen by a team of specialist doctors, allied health professional and specialist doctors in training. This clinic is held in the Ambulatory Care Unit, level 2 Prince of Wales Hospital.

Podiatrist, Dietitian or Diabetes Educator appointments

You may have an appointment to see one of the specialist diabetes health professionals including our podiatrist, dietitian or diabetes educator. The Diabetes Centre has a set of guidelines you must meet to see one of the specialist diabetes health professionals.

If your GP thinks you need an urgent appointment they need to telephone the diabetes centre to discuss your needs.

If you need to make an appointment please ask your local general practitioner (GP) to fax us your referral letter with your diabetes blood test results.

The Diabetes Centre will then send you your appointment letter in the post. If you provide your mobile phone number you will receive a SMS reminder 5 days before your appointment. Please let the Diabetes Centre know if you do not want to receive a SMS reminder.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please telephone the Diabetes Centre on 9382 4600.

Please bring:

  • Any test results you have from the last three months.
    • Sugar (glucose) average (HbA1c)
    • Blood fats (cholesterol and lipids)
    • Kidney (kidney function, urine microalbumin and electrolytes).
  • Data downloaded from your insulin pump/glucose monitoring device or the device itself 
  • Your eye report if you have one
  • Your referral letter from your GP
  • Your Medicare card
  • A list of your medicines OR bring all your medicines in a bag, including any herbal or over the counter medicines
  • Your blood sugar testing machine AND your blood sugar record book if you have one
  • A snack or drink if needed
  • You are welcome to bring a support person (a relative, friend or carer) with you

Do I need a referral from my doctor to attend the Diabetes Centre? 

To come to the Diabetes Centre you will need your local general practitioner (GP) to write you a referral letter explaining your medical history, relevant test results and what medicines you are taking.

Will I always see the same doctor at each visit?

We are a teaching hospital so you will be seen by a specialist doctor or a specialist endocrinology doctor in training. You will stay under the care of the specialist doctor but you may see the specialist endocrine doctor in training for your appointments.

Can I chose the day and time I attend the centre for my appointment?

The Diabetes Centre has doctor clinics, complex diabetes foot clinics, education clinics  and dietitian clinics at set times.  We try to find an appointment time that allows you to attend. The Diabetes Centre opening hours are 8.00am - 4.00pm.

How often do I need to attend the Diabetes Centre?

How often you need to attend the centre may change depending on who you see and how your diabetes is going.

What if I need help with my diabetes and not due for my appointment?

Make an appointment with your local GP to discuss your issues first. If your local doctor needs some advice they can telephone the specialist doctor in training at the Diabetes Centre.

What happens if I need a prescription before my next diabetes visit?

Contact your local GP.

    Both these websites contain useful information

    We are a teaching hospital and you may be asked to be involved in research or for a student to be present at your appointment. You have a right to say no. If you do so, this will no impact in any way on the services we will provide.

    Please let us know if you need an interpreter. You can contact us telephoning the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. Tell the operator what language you speak and then ask the interpreter to set up a telephone conversation between you, an interpreter, and the healthcare professional you want to speak with.