Neurology services and clinics

How we can help you?

A neurologist is a medical specialist who assesses, diagnoses and treats problems with your brain, nerves and muscles. The problems may range from headache and pain, dizziness and imbalance, to problems with feeling, strength and balance.

Our services include:

  • an inpatient Neurosciences Ward (Level 8 North and South, Acute Services Building, Prince of Wales Hospital). This ward also cares for patients who have experienced stroke.
  • a neurophysiology laboratory which can do a range of tests to help in the assessment and diagnosis of nervous system disorders
  • multiple clinics which specialise in different nervous system problems.

We care for people who have a diagnosis of nervous system disorders who do not require surgical treatment.

All our clinics require a referral prior to you to making an appointment.


Clinic Name

What it does

Time and Date



Nerve and Muscle Clinic

Disease of peripheral nervous system


9382 2422

Prof A Krishnan, Dr J. Offord, Dr D Dhanapalaratnam

Epilepsy clinic

Comprehensive management of epilepsy patients


9382 3805

Prof E. Somerville, Dr H. Laue-Gizzi, Dr C. Zentner, Dr P. Gordon, Dr D Ghougassian, Epilepsy Fellows

First seizure clinic

First seizure management


9382 3805

Prof E. Somerville, Dr H. Laue-Gizzi, Dr C Zentner, Dr P. Gordon, Dr D Ghougassian, Epilepsy Fellows

Neurophysiology clinic

EEG, EMG, EP, Vestibular testing


9382 2211

Multiple reporting doctors

Multiple sclerosis clinic

Inflammatory CNS disorders


9382 2414

Prof A. Krishnan

General neurology clinic

General neurological problems

Three times a week

9382 2407, 9382 2422, 9382 2414

Profs J Colebatch, A Zagami, A Krishnan, Dr J. Offord, Dr D Dhanapalaratnam

Private clinics

General neurological problems

Three times a week

9382 2407, 9382 2422

Profs J Colebatch, A Zagami

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You need a referral letter from your local general practitioner (GP) or medical practitioner to access this service.

Your doctor will need to fax your referral letter to us to the appropriate fax number. If there is a waiting list, you will receive a confirmation letter and be told what to do next. If there is no waiting list, you will receive a letter providing details on the time and date of your appointment booking or we will contact you to arrange a suitable time. You may receive an SMS or telephone reminder prior to your appointment.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please telephone the relevant number in our list of clinics.  This will allow us to make the time available to another patient.

Please bring:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Any special items listed on your letter
  • TAC or Workcover claim number (if relevant)
  • Medicare card
  • Health Care Card and/or concession card
  • Private health insurance card 
  • Adverse drug alert card 
  • Previous x-ray films, scans, ultrasounds or any other test results or reports relevant to your current condition
  • Medicines you need to take while you are here
  • List of medicines you are currently taking (or the boxes), including medicines you have bought without a prescription, such as herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Glasses, hearing aid, walking frame 

If you are having a day procedure, please bring:

  • Responsible adult carer to stay with you to hear instructions, help you and take you home
  • Comfortable day clothes, such as a tracksuit

Please let us know if you need an interpreter. You can contact us telephoning the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. Tell the operator what language you speak and then ask the interpreter to set up a telephone conversation between you, an interpreter, and the healthcare professional you want to speak with.

We are teaching hospital and you may be asked to have students present at your appointment or to be involved in research. You have a right to say no. If you do so, this will may cause a slight delay but will not impact on the services we will provide. You may be seen by a senior registrar or Fellow.