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Network Orientation 2023


Surgical Network Orientation Presentation - Dr Mark Muhlmann 


Surgical Education Curriculums 2023

Surgical Skills Program 2023

GSSE Physiology 2023

GSSE Anatomy 2023


Surgical Skills Program Presentations


Surgical Skills Program Videos

Trauma Scenario
Dr Tony Grabs, September 2023


Controlling Major Intra-abdominal Bleeding
Dr Anna Giles, September 2023


Excising Lumps and Bumps + Tissue Handling
Dr Roneil Parikh, September 2023


Surgical Vivas 4 – Vascular
Dr David Evans, September 2023


Surgical Vivas 3 – Colorectal
Dr Hamish Urquhart, August 2023


How I do it: Laparoscopic Appendicectomy
Dr Anna Giles , August 2023


Surgical Vivas 2 - Head and Neck
Dr Roneil Parikh, August 2023


Dr Merran Holmes, July 2023


Surgical Vivas 1 - Hepatobiliary
Dr Joel Rabindran, July 2023


ENT Emergencies
Dr Jolande Ma, July 2023


Surgical Radiology 2
Dr Stewart Leason, July 2023


Paediatric Surgical Emergencies
Dr Saurabh Saluja July 2023


Colorectal Anastomoses and Staplers
Dr Mark Muhlmann, June 2023


Management of Anti-coagulants and Anti-platelets in the Peri-operative Setting
Dr Shivam Agrawal, June 2023


Surgical Radiology 1
Dr Duy Nguyen, May 2023


Difficult IDCs and Suprapubic Catheters
Dr Cameron Parkin, May 2023


Vascular Anastomoses and Grafts
Dr David Evans, May 2023


Plastics - Local Flaps, Skin Grafts and Difficult Wound Closures
Dr Jake Chia, May 2023


Local Anaesthetics and Peri-Operative Life Support
Dr Matthew Overton, April 2023


Tubes and Drains - Why, When and How?
Dr Merran Holmes, April 2023


Theatre Etiquette, Surgical Precautions, Instruments and Diathermy
Dr Elan Novis, March 2023


Surgical Wounds and Tissue Handling - Dressings, Debridement and VACs
Dr Warren Hargreaves, March 2023


GSSE Physiology Presentations


GSSE Physiology Videos 



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