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Surgical Network Orientation Presentation - Dr Mark Muhlmann 


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Surgical Skills Program Presentations

Surgical Skills Program Videos

Trauma Scenario
Dr Tony Grabs, September 2023


Controlling Major Intra-abdominal Bleeding
Dr Anna Giles, September 2023


Excising Lumps and Bumps + Tissue Handling
Dr Roneil Parikh, September 2023


Surgical Vivas 4 – Vascular
Dr David Evans, September 2023


Surgical Vivas 3 – Colorectal
Dr Hamish Urquhart, August 2023


How I do it: Laparoscopic Appendicectomy
Dr Anna Giles , August 2023


Surgical Vivas 2 - Head and Neck
Dr Roneil Parikh, August 2023


Dr Merran Holmes, July 2023


Surgical Vivas 1 - Hepatobiliary
Dr Joel Rabindran, July 2023


ENT Emergencies
Dr Jolande Ma, July 2023


Surgical Radiology 2
Dr Stewart Leason, July 2023


Paediatric Surgical Emergencies
Dr Saurabh Saluja July 2023


Colorectal Anastomoses and Staplers
Dr Mark Muhlmann, June 2023


Management of Anti-coagulants and Anti-platelets in the Peri-operative Setting
Dr Shivam Agrawal, June 2023


Surgical Radiology 1
Dr Duy Nguyen, May 2023


Difficult IDCs and Suprapubic Catheters
Dr Cameron Parkin, May 2023


Vascular Anastomoses and Grafts
Dr David Evans, May 2023


Plastics - Local Flaps, Skin Grafts and Difficult Wound Closures
Dr Jake Chia, May 2023


Local Anaesthetics and Peri-Operative Life Support
Dr Matthew Overton, April 2023


Tubes and Drains - Why, When and How?
Dr Merran Holmes, April 2023


Theatre Etiquette, Surgical Precautions, Instruments and Diathermy
Dr Elan Novis, March 2023


Surgical Wounds and Tissue Handling - Dressings, Debridement and VACs
Dr Warren Hargreaves, March 2023


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