Patient Discharge Lounge

How we can help you

The Patient Discharge Lounge (PDL) provides a comfortable and safe place to stay while waiting for a relative or friend to collect you to go home, or to be transported to another health care service.

You will be transferred here on your day of discharge to wait for your:
  • Discharge letter and follow-up appointment
  • Discharge medicines and to talk to one of our pharmacists
  • Transport (non-emergency patient transport, relatives and friends)
  • Post-Acute Care Services (PACS)
  • Allied Health review (physiotherapist, occupational therapist)
  • Medical review and medical certificate

During your stay you will be cared for by experienced nurse, similar to your inpatient stay.

The lounge has reclining chairs, TV, air- conditioning and magazines. You will be offered sandwiches and drinks for lunch, and tea and coffee is available. Please let us know if you are on a special diet.

Our team includes:

Nursing staff who will help you with your ongoing care. For example, give you your medicine(s), arrange your discharge paperwork and transport, check your blood sugar levels, and provide education.

A patient services assistant (PSA) will help bring you and your belongings to the PDL.  They can also help you to get to your relative or friends car.

We work closely with your multidisciplinary team who will help prepare you to go home safely. One or more members of our team may visit you while you are waiting in the PDL. This may include a physiotherapist, nurse from post-acute care services, occupational therapist, doctor or pharmacist.

Nursing staff on the ward will decide if it is suitable to transfer you to PDL on the day you are due to go home. The hospital discharge time is 10am and you will be transferred to the PDL if you are not ready to leave by this time.

You will be cared for by experienced nurses who will attend any required clinical care

  • Give you your medicines
  • Check your blood sugar level
  • Provide education about your condition
  • Check and change wound dressings

Your specialist or specialist in training doctor may see you to complete paperwork and answer any final questions you may have.

Allied health professionals may review your needs and provide you with equipment to take home for example a walking frame.

A pharmacist may visit to explain your new medicine(s) and provide you with a new medicine list and information on when to take your medicine(s).

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) officers may collect you and take you home or to another health care facility.

Staff on the ward will let your relatives and friends know that you have been moved to the PDL. Ward staff have an information brochure about PDL for you and your relatives and friends.

There is limited seating, please only bring one person with you to PDL. If more people are involved in your care please speak with the PDL nursing staff.

Please let us know if you need an interpreter.