Infectious Disease Clinics - Information for Health Professionals

Our services

We provide specialist care in our outpatient clinics for patients with infectious disease. Our patients may have:

  • Acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • HIV
  • COVID-19
  • Viral hepatitis – HBV and HCV
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Travelers
  • Transplant patients and other immunosuppressed populations
  • Confirmed sexually transmitted infection.

Clinic Name Clinic Day Clinic Time  Clinic Location
General Infectious Diseases Clinic (Dr Asogan and Dr Martinello) Monday 1.00-4.00pm Adult Outpatients Department, Level 2, Campus Centre
General Infectious Diseases Clinic, HIV, Hepatitis (Dr Gulholm) Tuesday 1.00-4.00pm Infectious Diseases Department, Level 4, Dickinson Building
General Infectious Diseases Clinic, HIV, Hepatitis (Dr Whyte and Dr Martinello) Wednesday 1.00-4.00pm Infectious Diseases Department, Level 4, Dickinson Building
Hospital in the Home clinic Thursday 2.00 - 4.00pm Infectious Diseases Department, Level 4, Dickinson Building
General Infectious Diseases Clinic, HIV, Hepatitis, Transplant (Dr Overton) Friday 1.00-4.00pm Infectious Diseases Department, Level 4, Dickinson Building

Full name Subspecialty
A/Prof Jeffrey Post General infectious diseases, HIV and hepatitis
Dr Claudia Whyte General infectious diseases and bone/joint infection
Dr Yuen Su General infectious diseases and antimicrobial stewardship - no outpatient clinic
Dr Mrudhula Asogan General infectious diseases
Dr Trine Gulholm General infectious diseases, HIV and hepatitis
Dr Marianne Martinello General infectious diseases, HIV and hepatitis
Dr Kristen Overton General infectious diseases, HIV, hepatitis and transplant

Inclusion criteria

We accept all patients with infectious disease diagnoses listed under ‘Our services’ above.

Exclusion criteria

Our clinic does not perform routine sexual health screenings or provide HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis services.

Please review our services provided and referral criteria. 

Referral forms

If your patient is eligible for treatment, please use this referral form.

Fax your referral to:

(02) 9382 0422 - Outpatients clinics for general patients.

(02) 9382 3403 - for HIV and hepatitis.

All mandatory information must be complete. The referral form ensures that you do not miss any mandatory information to enable a timely and appropriate referral.

Mandatory information for public and private referrals

You may receive a fax requesting a review of your referral if any of the following information is missing:

  • Patient details, including full name, date of birth, phone number and Medicare number
  • Consultant name (for private referrals)
  • Clinic name 
  • Next of Kin details
  • Reason for referral 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Clinical urgency
  • Results from investigations.

Private referrals (bulk-billed through Medicare)

All patients have the right to choose to be treated as a public or private patient for outpatient attendances. If your patient chooses to be treated privately and bulk-billed through Medicare, your referral must meet the following criteria:

  • You must address the referral to one Consultant from our Specialist team, not the hospital, clinic, outpatient department or JMO
  • You must sign and date the referral, and include your provider number and practice address
  • You must state the period of referral in months, or refer “indefinitely”
  • You must provide this referral on or prior to the appointment date.

We cannot process your referral if it does not meet the above criteria prior to your patient's initial appointment.

Your patient can choose to amend your referral on the day of their initial appointment. If you provide a private referral that is addressed to a Consultant, your patient may choose to: 

  • Seek treatment from another provider within our team and change the Consultant's name on the referral themselves, or
  • Decide to be treated as a public patient for their initial appointment, for which the private referral will be valid.

Please note that it is also inappropriate for our Administration team to recommend a Consultant for your patient. We have listed the names and specialties of our Consultants above to help you decide on the most appropriate practitioner. 

Urgent referrals 

If your patient needs to be seen urgently, please call the Prince of Wales Hospital switchboard on (02) 9382 2222 and ask to speak with the Infectious Diseases Registrar. 

Who will contact the patient to schedule an appointment?

Referrals are reviewed once per week. An appointment date is usually allocated within three weeks. 

We will send your patient a letter by post with their appointment details. If their need is urgent, they will be contacted by phone. Patients who provide a mobile phone number will receive a SMS reminder two days before the scheduled appointment. 

Who can you contact to follow up on a referral? 

You may contact the Registrar holding the Fever Phone on 0409 172 311. Otherwise, you may contact the Consultant on call on 0409 172 311, or (02) 9382 2222.

What is the process if a patient misses or cancels their appointment?

Your patient can phone (02) 9382 2222 to reschedule or cancel an appointment. If your patient does not attend their appointment, a structured follow-up process is implemented according to the urgency of your patient's  condition. 

We are a Medicare service. You must provide a referral that is addressed to one of our Specialist team if your patient wishes to be bulk-billed.