Community Allied Health Team

How we can help you

Our allied health team includes Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Speech Pathologists and Social workers who can visit you at home. The amount of times that you are visited depends on your needs. This service is free.

Physiotherapists can give you exercises to do at home and give you advice about walking sticks or walking frames. They can also teach you about how to prevent having a fall.

Occupational Therapists can arrange for rails or home modifications to be completed at your house. They can also give you advice about equipment that will make it easier and safer for you at home such as wheelchairs, a chair for the shower or a frame for over the toilet.

Dieticians provide food and nutrition information and support.  They can explain how you can modify your diet to help treat or manage a health condition such as diabetes or heart disease.

Speech Pathologists can help you with problems with communication or swallowing. Problems with communication may include speaking, using your voice and /or using and understanding language.

Social workers can offer you short term counselling and support for grief, carer stress, money or housing issues, and support for elder abuse or domestic violence.