Radiation Oncology - Information for Health Professionals

Our Radiation Oncology Services are provided by the Department of Radiation Oncology, which was the first service to be established in the Nelune Comprehensive Care Cancer Centre (NCCC) at the Prince of Wales Hospital and is one of the core departments of our comprehensive cancer care service.

Working closely with specialists in other departments, including medical oncology, clinical haematology, various surgical and diagnostic departments and palliative care, the Radiation Oncology team is a key leader in all multidisciplinary cancer care case management planning. The Department, which was established in 1969, has strong affiliations with the Royal Hospital for Women, the Sydney Children’s Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital.

Our department is staffed by consultant radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncology medical physicists, specialist nurses and administration staff. Vital ICT and technical engineering support are also provided within the department. The Department currently has three dual energy linear accelerators, as well as high dose rate brachytherapy and an orthovoltage X-ray machine for superficial tumours, delivering radiation therapy treatments.


Referring new patients to our services is quick and easy, simply email or fax a referral letter using one of the following methods:

Please attach any relevant documents including, patient history or test results. Upon receipt of the referral our team will ensure that the patient information is triaged, the patient is contacted for an appointment.

We have a dedicated team of experienced investigators and clinical researchers. Our work incorporates a comprehensive research and clinical trials program dedicated to generating new data, developing evidence-based therapies and bringing precision treatment to our patients.

Please contact us for further information.