History of Garrawarra Hospital

As at 1914 the Waterfall State Sanatorium was the principal hospital in the State for the treatment of consumptives and contained 370 beds. In 1919 Waterfall was now the largest sanatorium in NSW and accommodated 788 patients.

After extensive remodelling Garrawarra Hospital was re-opened in 1958 as a Hospital for people with chronic diseases and diseases of the ageing.
Formerly Garrawarra services as a tuberculosis treatment facility and was known as the Waterfall State Sanatorium, and in its earliest years, from 1909-1913 as the Hospital for Consumptives.

From the Year 2000 it was determined to change the name to the present Garrawarra Centre for Aged Care to reflect the present day and future diversified role of Garrawarra as a multi-purpose Aged Care Centre specialising in dementia care services.