History- A Proud Tradition of Caring

Gates 1.jpgGarrawarra Centre has a long proud history caring for our Community. In 1914 it began as the Waterfall State Sanitorum and was the principle hosptial in the State for the treatment of consumption (tuberculosis). In these humble beginnings the facility contained 370 beds. By 1919 the facility became the largest sanatorium in NSW and accommodated 788 patients. The site was originally chosen because the treatment strategies for TB at the time included fresh air and sunshine.

After extensive remodelling Garrawarra Hosptial was re-opened in 1958 as a Hospital for Chronic Diseases and Diseases of the Aged. In 2000, the facility changed its name to Garrawarra Centre to reflect the present day care specialising in dementia, rehabilitation and respite services. Garrawarra Centre is contained with the Garawarra State Conservation Area within the Royal National Park near Sydney.