General Medical Care

Our services

The KRC nursing, counselling, and medical units work closely to deliver multi-disciplinary client care. Our clinicians have a wide range of skills covering:

  • sexually transmissible infections, including HIV
  • hepatitis care
  • issues with alcohol and other drugs
  • mental health
  • reproductive health
  • vaccinations
  • wound care
  • nutrition
  • and much more.

Services we don't provide

While our team of clinicians have a wide range of specialist skills, we don’t provide General Practitioner (GP) Management Plans or Mental Health Care Plans. If you need one of these, or if you require GP services, such as a prescription or health check up, we recommend you look into one of the many LGBTQI-friendly bulk-billing GPs in the area. We're also very happy to help and point you in the right direction.


How do I access the program?

Come in and see us at Kirketon Road Centre. No appointment or referral is necessary. 
Free, anonymous care

Our services are:

  • confidential
  • anonymous 
  • free
  • provided by experts: multidisciplinary doctors, nurses and counsellors 
  • available without a referral 
  • available without a Medicare card 

More information

For further information give us a call on 02 9360 2766.