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Kirketon Road Centre


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Free, anonymous health care

Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) is a walk-in, targeted, primary health care service in Kings Cross, Sydney, which has been operating since 1987. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high quality, non-judgmental, free and anonymous care (use of Medicare is optional), with client confidentiality strictly protected.

KRC runs a range of clinics and outreach services and a harm-reduction service in Caringbah, called KRC South.

No appointment required

KRC offers medical, counselling and social welfare services, with no appointment needed. To help give you the right help at the right time we use a triage system, like in a hospital emergency room, to ensure people with urgent medical or social issues are seen as soon as possible.

Who comes to Kirketon Road Centre?

We welcome everyone at KRC, but in particular target our services to:

  • young people
  • people who sex work
  • people who inject drugs
  • people from LGBTI communities
  • Aboriginal people
  • people experiencing homelessness

We have seen 50,000 clients to date, around 4000 people per year. KRC opened in 1987 at a time when it was clear that existing clinics and healthcare services were not well adapted to the needs of sex workers, and that there was significant demographic overlap with ‘at risk’ young people and people who inject drugs in the area. As a result, KRC was established especially for these groups, and has expanded its focus over time to include other key populations.

What can you expect when you come to the Kirketon Road Centre?

All people accessing care at KRC can expect to be:

  • Supported to understand and exercise their healthcare rights
  • Provided with evidence-based information about treatment options for their medical conditions
  • Encouraged to share decision making about their health care to the extent that they choose
  • Involved in making decisions about how health services are designed and operate, how care is delivered, and in measuring and evaluating care and services.

KRC promotes the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. 

You can find out more by watching this short video


How can we help you?

Sexual Health
STI / HIV testing and treatment

We provide testing, treatment, and management of sexually transmissible infections (STIs), including HIV, as well as sex worker check-ups and certificates.

Needle Syringe Program (NSP)
Safer injecting and safer sex equipment

Full range of injecting equipment, free of charge 24/7 at KRC and KRC South. Condoms and lube as well! Plus, links to your nearest NSP Services, ADMs and Sharps Disposal locations.

Opioid Agonist Treatment Program
OAT, including methadone

For people who are dependent on opioids (eg. heroin or morphine) and have had difficulty accessing, or staying on, drug treatment programs. 

Naloxone Training & Supply
Reducing the risk of overdose

Our Take Home Naloxone Program aims to reduce the risks of illness and death from opioid overdose in people who inject drugs.

Hep C Treatment
Free for anyone with Hep C

Holistic assessment and comprehensive and targeted treatment through outreach and our liver clinics.

HIV Services
FREE Testing, PEP and PrEP

We provide free and confidential testing, treatment, and care for people at risk of or living with HIV.

Aboriginal Health
Accessible, culturally appropriate health care

KRC is committed to providing accessible, culturally appropriate and holistic health care when working with Aboriginal clients. 

General Medical Care
Come in and see a doctor

STI/HIV and hepatitis care, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, reproductive health, vaccinations, wound care, nutrition and much more.

Counselling Services
Support in tough times

Counselling services include drug and alcohol, methadone management, crisis intervention, social welfare assistance and practical and emotional support.

Housing Assistance
Help to find a home

Assistance with emergency, short-term, and long-term accommodation issues, including applications, advocacy and support.

Youth Project
Help for young people 

Easy and confidential ways for young people to access free health care. 

Satellite Clinics
Easy-access health care

Our satellite clinics provide more ways for people to access free health care where they need it.

We come to you

Bringing our health and social services to where people need them.

Consumer Participation Group
Advice from our clients

Our clients guide us on how to make KRC services more useful through the CPG.

KRC South
Harm-reduction service based at Sutherland Hospital in Caringbah

KRC South is a primary Needle and Syringe Program located on the grounds of The Sutherland Hospital in Caringbah.