Frequently Asked Questions

SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program

This page lists the answers to some frequently asked questions about the SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program and the application process. 

About the program

» Where will I be working?
Participants undertake 3-6 month placements through different departments across the organisation over the two years of the program. These placements are generally based at one of our hospital sites:

  • Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick
  • Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick
  • Sutherland Hospital, Caringbah
  • St George Hospital, Kogarah
  • Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney CBD
  • Other District Services

Management Graduates usually spend some time working at each of these sites during the two years of the program.


» What placements will be I undertaking? Do I get to choose what placements I want to do?

In your first year of the program, you will undertake three four-month placements in core areas of health service management, such as hospital operations, the People and Culture Directorate and Finance. These placements have been designed around the essential skill and knowledge areas that we consider important for health managers. 
In your second year, you will complete a six-month placement in the executive unit, which is a fantastic opportunity to get exposure to and work closely with the senior executive team of the organisation. 
For the other six months of your second year, you will complete an elective placement of your choice. This is to allow Management Graduates to explore areas of interest to them, given how broad and diverse health management is!


» What kind of professional development is offered during the program?

There is such a wide variety of opportunities for learning and development provided to Management Graduates during the program, it would be difficult to list them all!

A few examples of what we provide include mentoring, attendance at conferences, internal training, attendance at events, peer networking and leadership courses.


» What happens after I finish the program?

One of the goals of the SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program is to develop and grow the future health managers for our organisation. Towards the end of the program, you will be supported by your network of supervisors and mentors to identify the next steps in your career and apply for jobs that are available. 

Management Graduates are employed on a contract of up to three years, to allow you time after completion of the two-year program to find that next great role!

Management Graduates in SESLHD have an excellent track record of securing a job after the completion of the program, and we have an ever-growing network of past Management Graduates working in our organisation.


Application process and eligibility

» Does my undergraduate degree have to be in a health field?

No, it doesn’t need to be in a health field, but it does need to be in a related area, as required by our university partner. For more information, please see the 'Admission Requirements' section in the UNSW Master of Health Management Handbook 2023.

In prior years, Management Graduates from a range of backgrounds, such as economics, business and engineering, have had great success in the program.

What is important is that you can show that the skills and capabilities that you have gained during your degree have prepared you for this role, and that you can achieve the required standard for a Masters level degree. 

If you are unsure if your undergraduate degree is suitable, please get in touch:


» Do I need to have work experience in the health sector to apply?

No, this isn’t a requirement. While we expect that you know at least a little about the health sector, you will be provided with plenty of on-the-job training and knowledge to support you to achieve success in the role. 

It is more important that you are interested in a career in health management and are willing to learn and make the most of the opportunities that the program offers. 

We do find it helpful for participants to have had at least some experience in the workforce, be it in health or other industries, before applying for the program.


» Do I need to have management experience to apply?

No, this isn’t a requirement. The program is a development program designed to grow future leaders and managers in the health sector. However, if you already have considerable management experience, then you may find that this program isn't the best fit for you. 


» Is there an age limit to apply for the program?

There is no age limit for the program, however it is worth noting that it is a development program designed to grow future leaders and managers in the health sector.


» How does the application process work?

The first step for you is to read and learn about the SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program and consider whether you are interested in this opportunity!

The recruitment process is planned to follow these stages:

First stage – Online written application
Second stage – Group and individual activities – virtual assessment centre
Third stage – Individual interviews
Final stage – Offers made to successful candidates


» What kind of activities will be involved in the SESLHD virtual assessment centre?

The SESLHD virtual assessment centre will involve a few activities designed for you to demonstrate your skills in a range of areas, such as communication, team work, critical thinking and analysis of information. These activities are planned for Mid September 2023.

All candidates will be assigned activities that will be completed in a group setting and an individual activity.

Further information

» Where can I get more information?

Here are some information sources that will assist you to understand the SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program and our organisation:


» I have more questions that aren’t covered on this page!

Please get in touch on the details below if you have further questions and we will aim to get back to you with an answer as soon as we can. 

The Organisational Development and Learning Department
SESLHD Health Management Graduate Program