Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave

We offer attractive parental leave options for employees who have completed 40 weeks of continuous service within NSW Health.

Summary of Entitlements

Leave Type Entitlement Eligibility Details

Paid Parental Leave - Parent with responsibility for the care of their child

14 weeks paid At least 40 weeks' continuous service(at the expected date of the birth, adoption, surrogacy or permanent out-of-care placement

Payment on a normal fortnightly basis or in advance in a lump sum or payment at the rate of half pay over a period of 28 weeks. 

Leave must be taken within the first 24 months from the date of birth, adoption or surrogacy. 

Paid parental leave may commence for the pregnant parent prior to the expected date of birth as provided in the relevant award.

Bonus Paid Parental Leave 2 weeks Both parents must have exhausted their paid parental leave Single parents or parents whose partner has no employer-provided parental leave are eligible for bonus leave
Special Pre-term parental leave Birth occurs prior to 37 weeks of gestation At least 40 weeks' continuous service (at the expected date of the birth)

The parent with the caring responsibility is entitled to paid special pre-term parental leave from the date of birth of the child (or children from a multiple birth) up to the end of 36 weeks. 

Only one employee can take the special pre-term parental leave where the employees are part of a couple. 

Immediately following the period of paid special pre-term parental leave, and at the commencement of 37 weeks, paid parental leave as detailed above starts. 

Fertility Treatment Leave 5 days paid leave per calendar year No service requirement The leave is not cumulative and can be taken in part days, single days or consecutive days. The leave is not available to the partner of the employee undergoing the fertility treatment. 
Miscarriage Leave 5 days per miscarriage event No service requirement The employee or partner of an employee who has suffered a miscarriage is entitled to the leave. It is to commence from the date of the miscarriage and is to be taken in one continuous block. 
Unpaid Parental Leave 12 months of leave of which up to 16 weeks is paid leave and remainder unpaid  

Available for employees who are entitled to paid parental leave. A further unpaid period of parental leave of no more than 12 months can be approved, with the total amount being not more than 24 months from the date of birth. 

Available for employees who are not entitled to paid parental leave (e.g. do not meet service requirements) - They are entitled to unpaid parental leave of not more than 12 months. 

Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave

From 1 July 2023, partnered couples can claim up to 20 weeks CPPL between them. Parents who are single at the time of their claim can access the full 20 weeks. The payment is at the National Minimum Wage which is indexed annually. It is a taxable payment so it may affect existing family assistance entitlements, child support arrangements and tax obligations.

The former Dad and Partner Pay entitlement has been removed. The 2 weeks’ pay for partners has been included in the new amount of 20 weeks.

Partnered employees can claim a maximum, of 20 weeks between them, with each partner taking at least 2 weeks.

A family income limit of $350,000 applies for claiming PPL.

Eligibility rules have been expanded for fathers and partners to claim PPL.

Eligible employees can claim CPPL in multiple blocks until the child turns 2, giving increased flexibility.

The requirement to return to work to be eligible for the entitlement has been removed.

 Keeping in touch provisions do not apply to employees with a child born or adopted from 1 July 2023. Any days worked for one hour or more will be considered a workday.

You can access PPL even if you are eligible for paid parental leave from NSW Health.

To find out the rules that apply to you, visit Services Australia