Core Values

The values of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District guide the behaviour and professional standards of our staff.

Our CORE values are:


We will work together as a team to provide the best health care for our community.

In living this value we commit to:

  •     Seek opportunities to work with my interdisciplinary colleagues
  •     Work with others to identify and achieve shared goals
  •     Share knowledge and lessons learned with my colleagues
  •     Be mindful of how the decisions I make may affect others


The decisions we make are transparent and we accept accountability for our actions. Our patients and their carers have a right to know how and why decisions are made and who is making them.

In living this value we commit to:

  •     Participate in opportunities to provide my feedback and views
  •     Communicate openly and honestly at all times
  •     Hold myself accountable for my actions, words and decisions
  •     Utilise resources appropriately, efficiently and effectively


We respect and acknowledge the contribution made by each member of our team in providing the best possible health care for our patients.

In living this value we commit to:

  •     Acknowledge others views and ideas and listen attentively
  •     Acknowledge and value individual differences
  •     Act professionally, be well mannered and demonstrate common courtesies
  •     Deal with issues that arise in a constructive, honest and timely manner


We will work with our patients and their carers to enable them to take greater control of their own health care. We acknowledge that for empowerment to work there must be trust between our patients and all staff involved in the provision of health care.

In living this value we commit to:

  •     Involve others (patients, clients, colleagues) in decision making
  •     Enable others to continually develop their skills and abilities, and take responsibility for my own development
  •     Being prepared to challenge my own views and opinions
  •     Identify opportunities for improvement and raise them with my manager