Consumer Representation

Consumer Representation

SESLHD Mental Health Consumer Representation

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In order to ensure that the services we offer are informed by those that we care for, the SESLHD Mental Health Services puts Consumer representation at the core of what we do.

This site contains different areas for Consumer engagement across the SESLHD Mental Health Service. It also includes a section for Expressions Of Interest (EOIs) where you can apply to work on a variety of projects seeking Consumer involvement as well as resources that may assist you on your Consumer Representation journey.





Get Involved



Learn more about current and previous opportunities for consumer involvement.




Learn more about the various committees across the SESLHD Mental Health Service and how they embrace the consumer voice.



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Expressions of Interest


Expressions of Interest

Apply to be involved in the different programs, projects and committees within the SESLHD Mental Health Service.  You will be able to see both open and closed EOIs.  The closed EOIs are there to let you know about previous projects within the Mental Health Services and to assist you with upskilling your future applications. All of our EOIs are located here.






A selection of resources that are relevant for Consumer representation are located here



Policies and forms for a consumer representation as well as blank timesheets.



Some frequently asked questions (and their answers) relating to consumer representation.



Consumer Advisory Groups

Prince of Wales Hospital

See updates from the Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Service Consumer Advisory Group.



See updates from the St George / Sutherland Mental Health Service Consumer Advisory Group