Aboriginal Employment

SESLHD is committed to building the Aboriginal workforce and provide a range of opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal staff members work across all areas of SESLHD. SESLHD is committed to improving Aboriginal health and to closing the gap in health disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework

The NSW Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2016-2020 has been developed to continue NSW Health’s commitment to engaging, growing and respecting a culturally safe workplace across the public health sector in clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles for Aboriginal people.

NSW Health recognises that the people most equipped to provide culturally safe spaces for Aboriginal people are Aboriginal people themselves. The more we listen and learn, and the more we critically evaluate our work practices; the more we will be ensuring effective pathways to genuine empowerment.

NSW Health is committed to continuing to create an environment that is spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically safe for Aboriginal people. We need to ensure that we are creating environments of cultural resilience within Aboriginal communities across NSW, and cultural competency by those who engage with Aboriginal people and their communities.

To access the framework click here. 

Supported recruitment (identified and targeted)

SESLHD welcomes applications from people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. This is represented in job advertisements as:

  • "Identified positions" - which require an Aboriginal person to perform the duties#" 
  • "Targeted positions" – which provide preference for Aboriginal applicants above other applicants. These positions are generally advertised with a notation that SESLHD supports diversity and equal employment opportunities. 

For support navigating the recruitment process and starting work within NSW Health, Aboriginal people can access the Ministry of Health’s ‘Stepping Up” resource which offers a range of useful information and contacts.

SESLHD also has access to qualified administration applicants through Yarn’n, a Commonwealth funded agency that specialises in local Aboriginal employment.

#Exemptions are available under s.14 (d) of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) which may be claimed when Aboriginality is a genuine occupational requirement.

Traineeships & Cadetships

Employment opportunities, including traineeships and cadetships are available in areas such as:


  • Mental Health Administration 
  • Oral Health 


  • Allied Health 
  • Nursing and Midwifery 


SESLHD has a range of available courses (work related only):

  • Cert IV in Leadership & Management 
  • Cert III in Business
  • Cert IV in Business 
  • Cert IV in Business Administration 
  • Cert III in Business Administration 
  • Aboriginal Health College website 
  • HETI online 
  • OTEN 

Aboriginal specific Employee Assistant Program

SESLHD offers a comprehensive Aboriginal Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to assist you in meeting the challenges and demands of your work and personal life.

The EAP is a professional counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting you at work or at home.

Sessions are available via face to face, phone or Skype and you can access up to four sessions.

The EAP gives you access to highly qualified and experienced professionals, including psychologists, social workers and management coaches. The consultants have the knowledge and understanding to help you resolve matters within cultural contexts, approaching your concerns in a sensitive and practical way.

A counsellor can assist you to manage a wide range of challenges and goals including:

  • Interpersonal conflict and tension
  • Work related stress 
  • Addictions 
  • Managing anger and violence 
  • Changes in your work environment 
  • Harassment and grievances 
  • Specialised Aboriginal career counselling 
  • Relationship or family matters 
  • Personal and emotional stress 
  • Grief and bereavement 
  • Career Issues 
  • Mental health 
  • Personal crisis or trauma 

Further Information

If you are interested in being part of our workforce or know someone of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who wants to work in health please contact the Aboriginal Employment Coordinator for more information on 0438 058 405.