Onboarding and Corporate Orientation

Working in SESLHD

Congratulations and welcome to the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District community!

SESLHD provides health services to approximately 1,000,000 people across Sydney from Bondi Junction in the city down to Helensburgh in the south.

There’s always plenty to learn when you start a new job. We have made it less daunting by breaking your Orientation and Induction into bite sized chunks

Your first 90 days....

First days

Whether you work in one of our many community services and clinics throughout Sydney, or at one of the 4 hospital sites, your letter of offer will provide a date for you to attend the SESLHD Corporate Orientation day. This is usually at the hospital site closest to where you will be working.

At Corporate Orientation you will be introduced to how everyone matters, including you, in our Health District. We discuss our vision and values, how we will be supporting you in your work and where you fit into the big health picture.

30 days

Over your first days and weeks in your new workplace, you will get to meet your team, and learn  what is expected of you in your role. 

You will meet with your manager and receive guidance in what essential learning you need to complete at this time. 

There will be  a checklist of items to ensure you have received all of the safety and wellbeing information for you in your role, including things like your ID badge and computer systems access.

90 days

Towards making it to 3 months in your job, you will have settled in and are well on your way to a rewarding career in health.
A final check that you have everything you need will be completed by your Manager. 

Together you will set a plan for your year ahead and beyond.
Enquiries regarding Corporate Orientation can be emailed to OrganisationalDevelopmentLearning@health.nsw.gov.au