Organisational Development and Learning

Our Commitment

With pride, professionalism, kindness and integrity, we will strive for excellence. Working collaboratively, we will focus on building the capacity and capability of our people and systems; enabling the conditions for learning and improvement.

What we do…

Focusing on the SESLHD strategic priorities and enablers in the Journey to Excellence, we work with individuals, teams, facility managers and leaders to promote a positive organisational culture and develop staff capability and wellbeing.

How we work…

We use our expertise to partner with others and promote a culture that supports building capability, trust, collaboration and wellbeing. Whenever possible, we use the 70:20:10 principles.


Because we value our staff, and know that engaged, happy, healthy, skilled people result in safe, compassionate quality, healthcare for our community.

10% 20% 70%
Formal or Structure Learning

Social/learning for others

Experience on the job/role expansion/problem solving

For more information please contact us:

Shona Cassell

A/Manager Organisational Development and Learning

Deborah Messham

Manager Learning

Susan Sims

Manager, Culture & Leadership
Heather Moses

Organisational Development Consultant

Health Coaching

Vanessa Thomas

Learning Consultant

Ken Janson

Learning Consultant

Virginia McMahon

Learning Consultant

Nick Cheesley

Learning Consultant

Barbara Blade

Program Support Coordinator

Diane Fardoulis

Administration Assistant


Organisational Development & Learning team: 9540 8077


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