SESLHD SII Strategy Innovation and Improvement

Strategy, Innovation and Improvement


The Strategy, Innovation and Improvement Directorate (SI&I) encompasses strategy and planning functions, analytics, change and project management resources to ensure strategic allocation of resources to key organisational priorities and initiatives. Built around three key pillars, it drives and enables the delivery of key strategic and operational initiatives by developing innovative solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery. The directorate oversees the development of organisation strategies and plans, while also monitoring the implementation of such plans.


SII Pillars

Clinical Insights and Analytics

The Clinical Insights and Analytics Pillar aligns with the vision of the NSW Health Analytics Framework in delivering data and insights that support evidence-based decision making, planning and performance. The team is responsible for data integrity, performance reporting, business rules, operational management and efficiency initiatives. It is focused on the standardisation of data collection, maintenance, access and reporting for improved development of business intelligence reporting tools and transparency of data processes and delivery.

Change and Innovation

The Change and Innovation Pillar is responsible for leading, managing and facilitating major project initiatives and high priority strategies to successfully deliver required outcomes. 

The Change and Innovation Pillar promotes and enables innovation and improvement throughout the organisation, building broad capability for change.

Planning and Partnerships

The Planning and Partnerships Pillar is responsible for the partnerships, organisational strategies and planning that enable SESLHD to deliver safe, reliable and compassionate care to our community. Deep technical and planning expertise supports the planning, design and development of services and models of care to achieve a high performing health system. A strong partnership model supports engagement with key external partners including the University of New South Wales and Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and provides opportunities for consumers to meaningfully influence and shape the delivery of SESLHD’s strategic priorities. The unit is responsible for developing external partnerships to inform and implement the organisation’s strategic priorities.


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