SESLHD Virtual Health Strategy

Virtual Health Strategy

SESLHD has embarked on an ambitious journey to embed virtual health within existing and new models of care across the district.

The strategy places the consumer and their experience at the heart of care delivery. It is aiming for widescale transformation of service delivery to promote independence, self-management for our patients and to better streamline access to appropriate levels of care.

The strategy will invest in a core technology platform that provides access for all patients, clinicians and services to virtual health models while supporting and promoting local innovation. It’s important we align investments in technology across the District to the common platform to ensure equity of access and the ability to scale proven models.

If you are interested in virtual health models or solutions, for research or clinical service delivery, please contact the Virtual Health team for support.

We are keen to hear feedback as well as any ideas for how Virtual Health can support a model of care.  

Access the Virtual Health Strategy here or click the image below.


Virtual Health Team

We have a team dedicated to the delivery of the Virtual Health Strategy.

They can be contacted via