SESLHD Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships


South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) is committed to supporting community engagement to build healthy, strong, connected and inclusive communities. We are dedicated to strengthening communities, in expanding our scope of partners and involving consumers in the selection, design and evaluation of services, so they can improve their own health and wellbeing.


Local communities are best at tackling the issues they experience themselves and community knowledge is essential to improving physical, mental and economic health.  Our communities are diverse, talented and passionate and we know that the community is best placed to identify the things that determine their wellbeing.

In SESLHD, we have priority populations who are experiencing things tougher than the rest.  We make a special effort to engage with these communities to ensure that our services are equitable and accessible, especially to those that need it most

We have staff whose role it is support communities, who go to the community, engaging people where they live, work and play. Our community partnerships approach ensures that genuine engagement and consultation occurs by engaging in good quality conversations, listening and supporting action.

We have small grants available to kick start community project ideas that go beyond healthcare and service delivery to create health and wellbeing in communities because we recognise the community as experts in their own lives.

We listen, as it is vital that community voices are heard.  One way we do this is through our community committees. Our SESLHD Board Strategic Community Partnerships Committee ensures that we work effectively with our partners and that community voices influence what we do.

Community / Consumer Advisory Committees are in place within many of our hospitals and community health services. All of these committees feed into the Community Partnerships Alliance (CPA). The CPA ensures that a clear and diverse consumer and community voice and perspective is integrated into all services and programs.

By working in partnership with all of our communities, service areas, non-government organisations, local, state and federal government agencies, we can make a real difference to the lives of our communities by improving and sustaining wellbeing, care and promoting equity