Red Ribbon

HIV Outreach Team


The HIV Outreach Team can support people living with HIV, confidentially and free of charge, to improve their independence, quality of life and wellbeing.

How to make a referral:

By phone (02 9382 8666), mobile number 0407 404 320 or using this online form

Who can we help?

Who are we?

Our team has nurses, social workers, dietitians and an occupational therapist.

We also have consumer representatives on staff and have an active consumer reference group.

What can we offer?

  • connect you with other support services
  • advocate for you
  • assist you with taking your medication
  • provide you with nutrition advice and support
  • provide you with occupational therapy services
  • coordinate your case conferences
  • help you with housing issues
  • coordinate your medical and dental care
  • support your mental health and well being
  • connect you to social activities
  • make referrals for drug and alcohol support
  • support you with your employment issues
  • assist you with harm reduction strategies
  • empower you to manage your health