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The NSW Organ and Tissue Donation Service is the state-wide NSW Health agency responsible for increasing organ and tissue donation for transplantation in NSW.

Access to organ donation and transplantation is vital in the provision of quality health care in NSW – especially when it can mean the difference between life and death.

Each year the lives of thousands of Australians are transformed through organ and tissue transplants however more donors are needed for the 1,650 Australians on organ transplant waiting lists at any one time.

You can no longer register as an organ donor via your NSW driver's licence. We urge everyone in NSW to register their decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register at donatelife.gov.au and to discuss this with their loved ones.


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Eyes to the Future

BIENCO Group Photo November 2023Each year, more than 2000 Australians need a corneal transplant to restore their vision, yet many go without because of a shortage of donor corneas.

To help tackle this issue, a group of Australian researchers known as BIENCO, including the Organ & Tissue Donation Service, is on track to manufacture the first bioengineered corneas in Sydney.

BIENCO will work with Australian and international tissue banks to manufacture and ship bioengineered corneas across Australia and globally, preventing countless people from becoming needlessly blind... Continue Reading


Donation Stories

First kidney transplant between HIV positive donor and recipient marks a milestone for HIV patients

Stock imageWhen one lucky transplant recipient, let’s call him Ken, was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 he thought he would die from the disease.

Fast forward 17 years and Ken is not only alive – he is better than ever thanks to a recent kidney transplant from an HIV positive donor.

In an Australian first, staff at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital performed a kidney transplant between a donor and Ken who were both HIV positive... Continue Reading



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