NSW Tissue Bank

The NSW Tissue Bank incorporating the Lions NSW Eye Bank and NSW Bone Bank, is a state-wide service for the identification and coordination of eye, musculoskeletal, skin, and amnion donors.

The NSW Tissue Bank has a range of highly trained staff including coordinators, retrieval technicians, laboratory staff and a quality team.

It facilitates the retrieval, storage, preparation and distribution of tissue in NSW and the ACT.

Below is a short video showcasing the work done at the NSW Tissue Bank.

Australian Ocular Biobank

Developed in collaboration with Sydney University Save Sight Institute, and under the governance of the NSW Organ and Tissue Donation Service, the Australian Ocular Biobank (AOB) will allow for the long term storage of a range of ocular tissue for research purposes from living and deceased donors. 

The AOB will play a significant role in the understanding and treatment of various causes of eye disease and vision impairment in Australia, such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, eye conditions.

A first of its kind, the AOB will serve as a resource for researchers in the discovery of new treatments and preventative strategies.

To find out more information about the AOB contact SESLHD-AOB@health.nsw.gov.au / 02 9382 7855

Amnion Donation Program

Amnion donation is a unique living donation program, whereby women having an elective caesarean section can agree to donate their foetal tissues including the amnion membrane, which would otherwise be discarded.

The amniotic membrane is turned into a tissue graft and used as an open wound dressing, known as a biological bandage. Extensive scientific research shows that the amniotic membrane can have unique healing properties, and is an effective treatment option for serious wounds, eye injuries and burns as well as other topical applications.

Depending on the size of the amnion, up to thirty patients can be helped from just one donor.

The donor program is currently only available to patients at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney, with plans in place to roll-out the program more broadly to other hospitals in NSW.

Donated amnion from the program is currently being distributed throughout Australia. If you are a clinician interested in ordering amnion grafts, please contact the NSW Tissue Bank at SESLHD-OTDS-TissueRequests@health.nsw.gov.au or call 02 9382 7288.


The NSW Tissue Bank publishes a quarterly newsletter for the Lions NSW-ACT Save Sight Foundation. The newsletters feature updates and news on what's taking place at the NSW Tissue Bank and can be downloaded below:

NSW Tissue Bank Newsletter August 2022

NSW Tissue Bank Newsletter March 2022

NSW Tissue Bank Newsletter November 2021